Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ballet camp surprise

I am lucky to have befriended my friend's teenage daughter.  She is the cutest little thing and is very serious about her dancing.  She was actually asked to take part in a month-long camp and is amongst the youngest (if not THE youngest) members in the camp.

Her mom told me she journals her dance training experiences.  I assumed it was about the actual experience of it all, but I soon learned that it was about the technique.  She jots down what she's learned, what she was told to do differently, and any routines that she wants to remember.

This beautiful girl is only 13 and already has incredibly disciplined, great study habits.

So I wanted to send her a little something to jot down the fun moments.  I decided to make her a min-album from supplies I have in my workroom (I've vowed not to buy a single scrapbooking supply this month except tape as needed).  So far so good on that goal!

Here is my quick little book for my little dancer, Emma....

I had to split her name into the two syllables for the front and back cover because my pre-cut letters were too big for the cover.  I hope she gets it!  LOL!

Can't wait to send this out tomorrow.

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  1. Nubia, I cannot imagine what Emma's reaction will be to this INCREDIBLE creation!!! I hope a letter has found it's way to you in the meantime!!! xox